English 11 HL    Fierro

    PSSA Reading Practice- “Solitude of Self” Speech, Elizabeth Cady Stanton
    Read the speech by Stanton, then answer the following questions by writing the letter of the best response next to the corresponding number on your answer sheet. Do Not write on this paper!
    1. In the first paragraph, Stanton states her focus as a discussion of
     A. Protestant ideals

     B. Republican ideals
     C. rights of women as individuals
     D. women’s safety and happiness
    2. What does Stanton mean when she calls woman “an equal factor in

     A. women are the same as men
     B. biologically, women are needed as much as men
     C. individually, women have their own duties
     D. women civilized the world
    3. What does Stanton mean by the last line of paragraph 3?
     A. Women should be educated to take any role, not just wife or mother.
     B. Women should only be educated for the roles given them by men.
     C. Women are only humanly useful if educated.
     D. Women do not need to be educated.
    4. According to Stanton, a woman must rely on
     A. men.
     B. custom.
     C. superstition.
     D. herself.
    5. Why must women know how to take care of themselves, or “something of the
    laws of navigation”?
     A. so they can manage alone in life if they have to
     B. so they can survive a nautical emergency
     C. so men will desire them
     D. so she relies on herself
    6. What, according to Stanton, brings unequalled dignity?
     A. inheritance, wealth, and position
     B. an equal place earned by personal merit
     C. individual responsibility
     D. sovereignty
    7. Why is it mockery to “shelter women from the fierce storms of life”?
     A. unhappiness can reach anyone
     B. men cannot really protect women
     C. a woman unprepared to take care of herself is always unprotected
     D. men will always be there to shelter women
    8. Stanton repeatedly refers to the human soul in order to
     A. show how men and women are really equals.
     B. make women appear pious.
     C. portray a difference between men and women.
     D. make women seem more human.
    9. “Artificial trammels” at the beginning of the last paragraph means
     A. fake personalities.
     B. pretentious clothing.
     C. feminine mystique.
     D. gender prejudices.
    10. The “years of solitude” Stanton refers to are
     A. times when women are lonely because their husbands are working.
     B. years when women have no husbands or fathers alive to depend on.
     C. eternity after death.
     D. spinsterhood, because no one would marry a suffragist.
    11. What is Stanton’s main goal in this speech?
     A. giving women the right to vote
     B. giving women equal pay
     C. giving women equal education
     D. giving women career opportunities
    12. What is the main premise for her argument?
     A. women hate being left at home
     B. women are just as good as men
     C. women need to help men civilize the country
     D. women will be eventually widowed or orphaned, and left alone

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